Automation for the modern small business

Have you ever taken into consideration that most of the small businesses you visit are oftentimes run by an almost autonomous system? With the ever growing list of consumer requirements and a need for better management, small businesses need to adapt accordingly in order to stay in favor with their clients. It takes only a few, repeat mistakes and a business quickly loses clients.

To maintain a high customer service standard, small enterprises look for modern solutions to help resolve certain issues.

Improved client communication

It’s a great feeling when you receive an email or text reminder from your favorite business, reminding you of an appointment or sharing their latest offer. You feel like an individual customer, and not just another number. However, more often than not, that message is not sent directly from the owner or staff, but through a dedicated messaging system. Most small businesses, especially those that cater to a large variety of clients cannot keep up with each client’s needs. Just imagine asking every one of them for feedback on their experience – its nearly impossible to reach 100%. With the help of text and email messaging platforms, you can sit back and watch the magic happen.

Such messaging tools often come in with an integrated client database as well, which makes sending personalised messages a piece of cake.

Better customer service

Depending on the the industry, many small businesses make use of a CRM (customer relationship management) system. Usually computer- based, such tools allow the business owner to keep a record of each individual client. Information such as preferences, allergies, purchase history, etc are all stored in each record. This allows for the business owner and staff to recommend the most suitable product or service to fit the client’s requirements. Next time they pay a visit to the business, the staff will be able to automatically pull up that client’s record, with all of their important details.

With the help of an advanced CRM, targeting a specific group of clients is done automatically for you, based on what search criteria is used. Imagine if you invited all of your clients (including men) to a lady’s night event at your business – very awkward. With this solution, such problems do not exist.

Statistics generating

The most vital piece of information for any small business are statistics. Every business owner wants their enterprise to expand, but without up to date statistics on earnings, expenditures and or inventory levels, the business will cease to grow. Take for example a local beauty salon or barbershop – the owner may get a “gut feeling” that business is slower now than it has been, but guesstimating is never a reliable method.

In order for such businesses to function, necessary advancements were needed to take place – resulting in dedicated solutions. As an example, Versum, Barber software caters to the needs of barbershops worldwide, offering advanced functionality in collecting data, generating reports and predicting revenue. With such features, business owners and staff do not have to sit after hours and go through piles of paperwork. Based on collected data, reports are generated automatically.

In order for small businesses to prosper and grow, working efficiently and minimising time-consumption are key and with the help of modern tools, it’s a breeze!

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