How to install the shower drain?

A linear shower drains are one of the solutions that enjoys growing popularity. It is appreciated by designers and enthusiasts of modern interior solutions. It is also a great solution in the homes of the elderly or disabled. However, before the bathroom with a linear drainage starts to function and we can fully use its functionality, we have to assemble the flow. Here’s how to mount a linear drain step-by-step.

Sewer approach – the most important

The first stage of installing a linear drain is to make a sewer approach in the roof. The way it is made differs depending on what type of ceiling we deal with. It is best to do it at the construction stage, because this will allow you to ensure proper location of the outflow in advance and the required drops. The least problem is when carrying out a sewer approach in the floor placed on the ground. A bit harder is on the first floor, when the flow should be installed in the ceiling, but also here the implementation of the sewage approach is possible, especially when there is no upper layer of the screed.

The next stages are a bit easier …

For the previously prepared approach to the shower drains we can already attach the bottom part of the drain. At this stage, it is worth not to install a decorative grille, because it could be damaged. It is true that it is protected by foil, but taking into account the fact that dirty work will still be done around the outflow, it is worth waiting with its installation at the end. The next step is to make a slope towards the outflow. Specialists advise that this decrease should be at least 2.5%. It can be made on one side, if the linear drain is installed on the wall, or on two sides, if the linear drain is installed in the middle.
Now it’s time to insulate the place where there is a place for a shower drainage. For this purpose, it is worth using liquid waterproofing, which covers the entire floor and walls (up to a height of at least 1.5 m) around the shower tray. Thanks to it, the risk of flooding the neighbor underneath or the ground floor in our house is minimized to zero.

The last touch

After completing the preparatory steps, it’s time to arrange the tiles. They can be laid directly on dried hydro-insulation. It is worth choosing tiles so that they can be easily adjusted to the linear drain. Mosaic tiles look perfect in this role, but a person who has experience in laying tiles will be able to cut large-format tiles nicely.

The final stage of the installation of the linear drain is the installation of the grille. If the tiles are ready and cleaned from the remnants of the grout, then no doubt you can already put on the top grid. However, it is worth remembering that it is not only a useful element, but also a decorative element. This is why it would be good to think about her choice when buying a line drain and choose it in a way that suits the style in which the interior of the bathroom is decorated.

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