Linear drains in every bathrooms

Shower with linear drain is becoming increasingly popular in many modern bathroom arrangements. This type of spray tempts with impressive looks and capabilities. So what are the advantages of linear drains? What can we do with broken linear drains?

Linear drain in every modern bathroom

The decision of a shower with linear drain is best done at home or in the case of a general renovation. In the bathroom we have to leave adequate shelter on all layers of floor and fall so that the floor of the bathroom is on the same level as the floor in other rooms.

No shower tray gives the interior of the bathroom modern character and improves the comfort of the shower. It is particularly convenient for elderly or disabled people who are easy to get in and out of the bath without the risk of tripping over. Another plus is the size – we decide on its size because its dimensions are not limited by paddling. Spraying on tiles is also easy to keep clean. In turn, thanks to the appropriate installation there is no risk that during the bath water will spill on the floor.

Installing mentioned shower can be troublesome. The most important is the outflow. Deepen the floor to the rest of the floor. Some people fear that the installation may be improperly carried out, which is associated with the fear of the strength of the floor and tile. Sometimes linear drain can clog. So what can we do?

How to deal with a broken linear drain?

Clogged pipes can be cleaned using a variety of domestic methods. Here is a simple recipe that will make our bathroom look like a new one.

Add 3/4 cup of baking soda to the drain pipe. Then pour half a glass of vinegar and immediately cover the drain with a special stopper or place a plate on it. If anything is to be left in the tube. Remember this is very important. Vapors should not get into our eyes or lungs. Leave it soaked and flooded for 30 minutes. Do not use the bathtub at this time. Tell the family members not to use these devices as well. At this time set the water in the kettle to boil. Water should not have 100 degrees, but for half an hour her temperature will drop a little. After this time, pour water into the tube and ready.

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