Shower drains in modern bathroom

The modern bathroom very often means a bathroom with only a shower. Its size and introducing such a solutions depends on whether the bathroom will be functional and will meet the expectations of users. One of the important elements, the choice of which affects the overall finish, are shower drains, used in every type of shower trays. Although their functionality and materials used during production process are more or less the same, the shape of such outflows veries.

Shower tray closed

In most bathrooms the shower has a special shower tray where the shower drains is being used. Depending on the chosen type of the drains, these are either central drains, or round drains placed on the side. They are mounted in the floor, providing free running water. The cross-section and size of such drainage is not too great due to the fact that the water is used rationally during the bath. The run is finished with a special metal grate, equipped with numerous openings through which water can flow. Most often, shower drains are circular drains, similar to a siphon that drains water into a sewer.

Shower tray in the floor

It is worth remembering, however, that additional space for enclosure is needed for curved shower trays. For this reason, linear bathrooms are more popular in smaller bathrooms and in bathrooms. Built with long, rectangular elements, these drains make it easy to drain even very large amounts of water. Linear drains are usually placed against the wall, but unlike the central drains, in this case you do not have to lower the floor so that the water runs down. Large drains will drain any amount of water. In this case, also the type of materials made for making bathroom’s floor is influenced by the tightness of the entire drain. They must be resistant to long-lasting moisture, and should also be protected against the development of fungus and mold. It is precisely the need to keep the bathroom clean and to prevent the development of mold that makes linear drains less popular.

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