Silver or steel? Choose the best cutlery!

Buying a solid set of cutlery for twelve people is a big investment for most of us. Yet until recently, connoisseurs decided to buy expensive, silver plated kits. Today, manufacturers move away from the demanding silver and focus on a more modern and practical material – stainless steel. Which product will work in your home?

Classic silver cutlery

Carefully made silver cutlery of good brands are an exclusive decoration of the table. Their greatest value is elegant appearance and neat finish. These products are especially appreciate by people who value retro style.
Unfortunately, silver knives, forks and spoons require careful care and washing immediately after meals in appropriate solutions. After washing, each item must be carefully washed dry and stored separately in bags or special boxes. Importantly, silver contact with some food products (for example mayonnaise, eggs, fish) can cause tarnishing.

Modern cutlery made of steel

Today, manufacturers are moving away from demanding careful, time-consuming care and silver cleaning in favor of more practical stainless steel.
Particularly popular are the 18/10 steel cutlery, which contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel. The presence of these elements makes the knives, forks and spoons distinguished by high gloss, are scratch-resistant and do not overlap with rust-coloured spots. Importantly, this type of accessories can be washed dishwasher. The leading producers have shimmer or matt finishing cutlery in their collection.

Trust the brand

The guarantee of good choice is appreciated and known brand, which has gained recognition of customers for years on the market. On the website you will find a wide range of cutlery designed in a variety of styles, ranging from retro style, through classic, fashionable and minimalist finishing.

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