The procedure of having all on 4 dental implants in Poland step by step

All on 4 in Poland has grown in popularity among treatments chosen by patients from other countries suffering from teeth loss. The main reasons for losing teeth are aging process, genetic predispositions, trauma, accidents or periodontal diseases. This is the best procedure which restores both top and bottom jaws. In Poland the price for all on 4 belongs to the cheapest in Europe. It starts from 4400 GBP for 1 jaw.

What is all on 4 Poland?

Currently all on 4 in Poland in Poland is the most modern and technologically advanced implantation procedure which allows for a full jaw restoration in toothless patients. All on 4 is much cheaper than the standard implantation procedure because there are only 4 implants and there is no need to replace every tooth with implant. Full jaw restoration with all on 4 in Poland has a 98% success rate, which is proven by published studies and our experience. The procedure of all on 4 requires 2 visits in Poland with a 6-month healing period between them.

Before all on 4 Poland

Before you start your all on 4 treatment, you need to have a consultation with the implantologist. You will have your remaining teeth and gums checked and healed because you cannot have any infection while installing implants. The thickness and quality of your bone will be checked with a CT scan examination. After the consultation and based on the examination results, the implantologist will advise you on the best implant brand and will present the course of treatment, the quotation and time that will be needed. Also, you will discuss the number of teeth with the dentist, because depending on individual patient, the number of teeth per 1 jaw varies from 10 to 14.

During all on 4 in Poland

On the first visit, the implantologist will give you antibiotic in order to prevent or heal any bacterial disease or inflammation. After that, he will proceed to installing the implants. The incisions, which are made across the gingiva, allow to reflect the flap of tissue so as to show the jaw bone. After the bone is exposed, the implantologist makes a series of drills to enlarge the site (which is called osteotomy) so that the implant can be placed. Then, the implant fixture is turned into osteotomy and covered by bone to such an extent that it does not move. Next, the implantologist will install healing rings. Finally, the temporary dentures are installed, so that you can smile and eat normally during the healing period. If you have had dentures already, they can serve as temporary dentures also.

After all on 4 in Poland

After you finish the all on 4 treatment Poland, you will be given instructions and recommendations of how to take care of your new teeth. Implants are a lifetime solution, however it is important you follow the dentist’s suggestions after the treatment. You need to brush and floss your teeth regularly at least twice a day. During the first week you should rinse the mouth with salt water just to prompt the healing process, and afterwards you should rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash. What is more, you must avoid smoking for the first week, or ideally for the rest of your life. Other recommendations include attending regular teeth check-ups, performing hygiene cleaning and maintaining proper oral hygiene in everyday life.