Wet room kit shower tray or linear drain?

Depending on the size of the bathroom we have, we can plan a bath or shower in it. It is an undeniable fact that bathing in a bathtub after a day of hard work is a wonderful type of relaxation, but not everyone can afford it. Placing a shower cubicle in the bathroom, in turn, is a more economical solution.

Traditional solutions in bathroom

Traditional acrylic wet room kit shower trays are available on the market, but not only the choice of shower trays is much wider. The offer also includes wet room kit shower trays: steel, ceramic and made of composites or natural stone.

However, recently a real bathroom hit has become the assembly of linear drainage. It successfully succumbs to the tastes of more and more Poles. Both traditional wet room shower tray and aesthetic-looking linear drainage have their pros and cons.

Traditional wet room shower tray available on the market are mainly made of acrylic. They are light, have different dimensions, shapes and depths. Above all, however, they are cheap. The ones made of steel are definitely more expensive.

In a traditional, deep shower tray, the most frequently built-in ceramic tiles can be used to hand-wash or bathe a small child outside the bath. It is important to keep the cabin door tight so that the water does not leak onto the floor during the bath. Cabin doors are usually filled with silicone or, in order to ensure maximum tightness, appropriate magnets are mounted in them.

Interesting proposal for everyone

An interesting proposal satin Conoflat shower trays included in the Kaldewei company’s offer. They have a super flat surface that provides a non-threshold transition from the floor plane to the shower tray surface, giving the bathroom a unique character. Thanks to a centrally located drain cover, perfectly integrated with the surface of the shower tray, we can take full advantage of the freedom of movement while bathing. Shower surface made of enamel steel.

Shower trays are the best solution in every shower cabin designed for an individual client. The shower enclosure does not have to be limited by the dimensions of the shower tray. Their any shape and color give full freedom when arranging the bathing rooms.

More and more often in Polish bathrooms you can meet linear drains, which are handled without traditional, acrylic shower trays. In the West, they are already an indispensable element of every bathroom. This fashion has recently arrived in Poland, but it is very popular. Linear drains look aesthetically pleasing, and with a bit of imagination they can take on an original, even unusual form. Thanks to the linear drain, everyone can plan their unique shower stall.

Prepared in cooperation with wetroomsdesign.co.uk/wet-room-shower-trays.