What are linear drains?

Many people choose to change the shower cabin for the bathing area. This is a modern and unconventional solution. This gives you the opportunity to get a very spacious area where you can take a shower. In such zones, it is necessary to install a linear drain. What are the pros and cons of such type of a drainage?

Advantages of linear drains

Linear drainage is not only a matter of aesthetic sense in modern interiors but above all an extraordinary comfort of use. No shower tray is much easier, among others. For the elderly, the handicapped, as well as the youngest householders, for whom the daily use of a traditional high-paddock cabin becomes a real challenge.

But most importantly – the linear drains allow for better management of the free space (linear drainage optically enlarges the bathroom), and thus facilitates the maintenance of the interior in impeccable cleanliness.

Drawbacks of linear drainage

If you can talk about any disadvantages of a linear drains, it will increase the implementation costs and require installation. Due to some unusual technical solutions, the drainage zone should be planned at the earliest stage of the bathroom design. Besides – no shower tray requires preparation of comprehensive waterproofing not only the adjacent walls but also the floor itself. For these reasons, outflow is a solution you should think of before you move into your home or apartment or at a general repair.

Creating a bathing area instead of a traditional shower cabin is becoming increasingly popular among interior designers. This is a modern and unconventional solution. This gives the possibility to design a very interesting bathroom interior, and the comfort of washing is much larger due to the larger space. Bathing area is a very interesting solution for people looking for a modern way of bathroom equipment. However, keep in mind all the details related to the linear outflow, especially cost. These are higher because of some additional installations that need to be prepared.

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