What kind of shower tray should I choose?

Did you find the perfect cabin? You are half way through success. To expose its aesthetic values ​​and enhance functionality, you have to choose the right wet room kits – only with it the shower cabin creates a compatible whole. Currently, in addition to the classic shower trays, you can also choose a sub-floor version or linear drainage. What characterizes all these types?

Shower tray for traditionalists

The most common choice of customers will certainly be traditional shower trays made of acrylic, enamelled steel or conglomerate. They do not require complicated assembly and are characterized by high stability of the structure. Thanks to the appropriate racks, you can level them and place them in the right position. Their unquestionable advantage is also the large availability of sizes and shapes – a classic shower tray can be easily adapted to the standard dimensions of each type of cabin – half-round, asymmetrical, square, or even wall or pentagonal.

In addition, classic shower trays are available in various depths, so that everyone can find an option tailored to their needs. For lovers of modern interiors, preserved in a minimalist style, the currently fashionable shallow models are a great solution. They visually enlarge the bathroom space and give it an elegant look. Because they have a flat and perfectly smooth surface, they are also very easy to clean.

Or maybe an innovative shallow wet room kits?

Despite the innumerable advantages, a traditional paddling pool is often not a satisfying option. If you are looking for a modern alternative for him, you should consider buying a tile tray, in which the shower plate is hidden under the floor and built-in tiles. This solution has many advantages. First of all, the shallow shower tray will keep you clean, because the tiles are less exposed to soiling and scaling, which makes you wash them even with ordinary floor lotion.

Secondly, the underfloor shower tray allows you to mount the shower cubicle directly on the floor and create a barrier-free entry for the shower. It is an excellent solution especially for people with limited movements – disabled or older, who are particularly exposed to stumble or fall when entering or leaving the cabin.

Thirdly, in addition to the range of functionality, the underfloor shower tray also guarantees an amazing visual effect. It provides aesthetic and elegant look of the whole bathroom, in no way interfering with its décor. It does not interfere with the interior space, thanks to which it allows full exposure of the shower enclosure and other elements of the equipment.

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