Crisis-Hit British Museum Gets New Leader

The British Museum on Thursday named Nicholas Cullinan, an art historian who currently leads the National Portrait Gallery in London, as its new director, ending an unsettled period in which the august institution lacked a permanent leader. He will immediately face a host of challenges, including the fallout from an embarrassing scandal in which the … Read more

Russian Group Spread Disinformation About Kate Middleton, Experts Say

The whirl of conspiracy theories that enveloped Catherine, Princess of Wales, before she disclosed her cancer diagnosis last week probably didn’t need help from a foreign state. But researchers in Britain said Wednesday that a notorious Russian disinformation operation helped stir the pot. Martin Innes, an expert on digital disinformation at Cardiff University in Wales, … Read more

Russia’s Online Operations Focus on Ukraine Aid and Are Harder to Detect

Russia has intensified its online efforts to derail military funding for Ukraine in the United States and Europe, largely by using harder-to-trace technologies to amplify arguments for isolationism ahead of the U.S. elections, according to disinformation experts and intelligence assessments. In recent days, intelligence agencies have warned that Russia has found better ways to hide … Read more