Shocking Revelation: Turnip Taliban Leader Exposes Liz Truss for Alleged Affiliation with Pro-Trump Extremists in US!

James Bagge, the leader of a group known as the ‘Turnip Taliban’ Tory rebels, who are seeking to oust Liz Truss from her Norfolk constituency, has launched a blistering critique against her. Bagge plans to run as an Independent candidate in Norfolk South West in the next election.

He denounced Truss for allegedly associating with right-wing extremists during a recent event organized by the American group CPAC, where she reportedly declared affinity with figures such as Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.

A lawyer and former Army officer, Bagge criticized Truss for using the rally to blame the British ‘deep state’ for the economic challenges that marred her brief tenure as Prime Minister in 2022. He attributed her downfall to her own lack of judgment.”He stated that Ms. Truss has mentioned the challenges faced by democratically elected governments in implementing policies due to obstruction from the ‘economic establishment.’ Additionally, he criticized her portrayal of the civil service as being influenced by activists. According to him, her policies were reckless, and intervention was necessary to safeguard the nation.”

“Her main issue, which she refuses to acknowledge, lies in her decision to implement a policy despite receiving warnings, and then immediately attempting to shift the blame onto her chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng.

However, it was not the establishment but rather the financial markets that ultimately led to the failure of her disastrous mini-budget. It was the actions of those she now disregards that ultimately mitigated the situation, specifically, the Bank of England and the Treasury.

She demonstrates a lack of sound judgment and appears unwilling to accept personal accountability.”

Mr. Bagge, aged 71, is among the notable local Conservatives who resigned from the party in protest of Ms. Truss’ selection as its candidate for South West Norfolk in 2009. They voiced complaints that she was imposed upon them by Tory headquarters.

Critics of Ms. Truss contended that she lacked connections to the area and criticized party leaders for not disclosing her affair with a married Tory MP. This led to her opponents in the traditional East Anglian agricultural constituency being dubbed the Turnip Taliban.

Mr. Bagge accused Ms. Truss of demonstrating double standards at the US rally, attended by thousands of Trump supporters and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage. He remarked, “She openly expresses her support for Trump, who is expected to decrease aid to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, while simultaneously calling for assistance for Ukraine.” Bagge criticized her for associating with right-wing extremists, sharing a platform, and expressing solidarity with Farage, Trump, and others.

At the CPAC event, Ms. Truss stressed the necessity for conservatives in both the US and UK to wield a “bigger bazooka” in combating the Left. She asserted that unless conservatives become more outspoken, Western civilization is in jeopardy.

Mr. Bagge is conducting a series of public meetings in Norfolk to gather support for his bid against Ms. Truss. If he were to defeat her, it would constitute one of the most substantial election upsets in history.

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