Superhero Story Basis: "HanuMan" follows the classic superhero storyline, where an underdog hero confronts a villain misusing superpowers for destructive ends

Directorial Creativity: Prasanth Varma combines Ramayana elements with pop culture, crafting a distinctive superhero universe.

Tribute to Marvel and DC: The film nods to superhero influences, with a young character aspiring to be Spiderman in the opening scenes.

Visual Contrast: Anjanadri's traditional charm contrasts sharply with the antagonist's high-tech world, highlighting the clash of modernity and tradition

Key Protagonist - Teja Sajja: Teja Sajja's portrayal of Hanumanthu, the carefree underdog, plays a pivotal role in the narrative.

Parallel World Dynamics: Anjanadri exists within the parallel world of Akhand Bharath, introducing diverse characters and a unique monkey named Koti.

Strategic Imagery Use: The film utilizes a grand Hanuman rock carving for impactful heroic moments, reminiscent of "Baahubali.

Cultural Blend for Mass Appeal: "HanuMan" seamlessly integrates massy elements and cultural references, creating an entertaining cinematic blend