The Sony Alpha 9 III introduces a global shutter sensor, a first for Sony Alpha cameras, promising to address rolling shutter issues 

With a full-frame 6K resolution, the a9 III offers 4K video oversampling without cropping, supporting impressive frame rates up to 120fps 

Dynamic range testing reveals 12 stops at ISO2000 in full-frame 4K S-Log3, with potential for further enhancement through post-processing 

Despite slightly noisier images, Sony's advanced processing retains fine details, allowing significant shadow recovery, achieving 9 stops of exposure latitude 

Exposure latitude testing showcases the camera's ability to retain details in extreme conditions, competing with professional cinema cameras 

The absence of rolling shutter artifacts makes it suitable for fast-paced action and professional videography 

the Sony Alpha 9 III sets a new standard for consumer full-frame cameras, with its global shutter sensor marking a significant technological advancement