Historical Roots: Exeter's literary tradition dates back over 1,000 years to the creation of the Exeter Book, showcasing a longstanding appreciation for literature 

Designated a UNESCO City of Literature in 2019, Exeter's status highlights its cultural significance as a hub for literary enthusiasts 

City Reads involves various organizations and community groups in nominating favorite fiction books, fostering community participation and shared literary passion. 

The public can vote for their favorite book from the shortlist, promoting widespread engagement and interaction within the city 

City Reads promotes reading for pleasure with events, giveaways, and activities designed to make reading enjoyable and accessible to all 

The initiative culminates on International Literacy Day with book giveaways and author readings, celebrating Exeter's literary culture 

Efforts include providing free books to low-literacy neighborhoods, ensuring literature is accessible to everyone in the community 2

Backed by organizations like Exeter City of Literature and Arts Council England, City Reads underscores the importance of promoting reading for pleasure and storytelling joy. 

image credit :unsplash